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My Sweet Zombie! is about Sam Chen, a recent college graduate who loves to bake. However, she can’t  remember the last time she touched an oven, unless you can count the conventional one they use at the cafe she works at. Sam’s job usually involves putting out fires at her store, so whether it's dealing with a annoying customer or fixing the leaky espresso machine, it’s Sam’s job to take care of it. Thus it's no surprise she finds herself exhausted from her job.

However, now that Sam has graduated from college, her parents are pressuring her to get a "real" job.  Will Sam be forced to take the path her parents want, a stable, but boring career as an accountant...? Or ... Will a cute girl with a bony arm change that?

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CONTENT ADVISORY: 17+ for death, crude/suggestive humor, excessive swearing, emotional abuse, biphobia, and sexual content





  • Visual Novel, Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Female Protagonist with a Female and Male Love Interest
  • 3 Endings (+ A Poly Ending)
  • OST made by the amazing MockOff!
  • Partial Voice Acting!
  • The Opportunity to see scenes from the love interest's perspectives!
  • And other fun extras!



Directing, Artwork and Writing: Tsun-Angelique

Ui, Scripting, Co-Writing, and Emotional Support Friend: M.

Ren'Py Gui Template by Baiyu

Music Composed by MockOff

Voice Actors:

Jess Rico Hatton as Sam

Cat Protano as Zombie Girl

Mylo Reid as Liam

Chloe Eves as Jane


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Will there be an android version?

Yes! We are planning to make a android version and then posting it on this page! We had hoped to make a google play page for this one as well, but renpy doesn't support bundles yet unfortunately. 

I will wait, thanks for answer!

cute story. Is the game finished yet or still in demo?

It has a planned release for October 31st! Please come back after you trick or treat to finish the full game!!!


Alright cool dude. Can you remind me again later because I have a memory of a gold fish sometimes if the full game would be on steam or not? I don't mind paying since I enjoy the demo.


I played this  around ten days after it was posted and I SERIOUSLY REGRET NOT GETTING THIS VIDEO DONE SOONER! Unfortunately, life kinda got in the way..  But omigod, I love this game. Adorable art, interesting story concept & setting,   awesome expressions & some serious   moments of  laughter/relatable things/sweet as heck moments! 

I can't wait to play the full release!!



Sam is extremely relatable and cute and Zombie is cute and Liam is also cute.

Mierda, this game makes me said that bad Spanish word even though I refrain from saying curse words. The characters expression kind of remind me of some sort of animals but I can't pin what, perhaps cat? The voice acting are really awesome though~

Haha blame Liam and his filthy mouth, though I actually asked my Spanish speaking friend about curse words in Spanish and what she usually says, and believe me man, Mierda was not the worse one. Thank you for playing though!


Got Liam number and a little flirt with Pine (the name I gave the zombie), oh my, starting to get close to all the characters except Jean.


great work so far!!!! really love all the little animations and how expressive the characters are. the UI is super slick too, this game is so polished already! i love it!!

excited for future chapters~ i'm going for the zombie of course... (sorry liam)

Liam can deal with it, he should know cute zombie girls trump living cute boys

And thank you so much!!! ; v ;


Really sweet haha get it game, I am a big fan of VN's and have played a lot from this site, and have to say, this is one of the best, it is really well crafted, graphics, sound (The OST is awesome) and story blend together to give a really nice experience. I also love the fact that we can go for different routes.

At first I was doubtful about dating a zombie but that quickly changed after meeting my precious Orange Zest.

I would personally love if we get to make more choices, even if they don't affect the story in the grand scheme of things, like deciding what to give her for breakfast or dinner or decide what kind of lie we tell Liam (Even if we end up resorting to the cat one anyway). Of course I understand this is a lot of work, and the game is wonderful as it is, this is just a suggestion.

Anyway, great game! can't wait to play the full version.

Thank you so much for playing it! I love the name too! Also I did think about adding more choices even if they don't affect the plot too much but I heard some people dislike that too, but hearing you might like more of that, I'll go back to that idea! Thank you again for playing!


good vn game dev like it


Thank you so much for playing it and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

how much will the final game cost and when will it be released


Hello! The full game will be free, with an optional $5 Art Book and I’m hoping to have it released by Halloween but since this is more of a hobby, let’s hope IRL responsibilities don’t change that ; v ;


i love yuri games so much this is exciting if you want any help with stuff im willing to volunteer it


Liam is great but I'm actually in love with Zombie Girl (who I lovingly named Zombie Girl).  Her dynamic with Sam is so sweet and works weirdly well haha. The overall game is also really well made, I loved all the animations, voicing and text options, and I'm really looking forward to where the full game goes! :^D


Thank you so much for playing!!! Haha I admit you were only supposed to romance Zombie Girl in the game originally, but I fell in love with Liam so I added his own route sort of last minute which is why Zombie Girl's route might be a little more well-developed... However, I will say that the further you go into each route, you'll get to see the charms of both characters and their relationship with Sam!!! Thank you so much for your compliments and I'll keep working hard!


Oh I think I can see that since all the gui is zombie based haha, but I like that you still expanded upon it! It'd be a shame if I didn't try Liam's route and clearly a lot of love was put into both routes :^)